Investor Awareness Programs

BSE IPF has been spearheading financial inclusion through increased awareness and education. These span a very wide range, starting from the basics of capital market products and services, the dos and don’ts of opening and maintaining brokerage and demat accounts, to programmes focused on specific products and services, including new initiatives like the SME segment.

BSE IPF conducts Investor Awareness Programs on its own as well as also invites other constituents of the capital market like SEBI, SEBI registered Investor Associations, Industry Associations like CII, IMC, ASSOCHAM, FICCI, PHDIC etc., Depositories, Media and educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities to these programmes. The summary of Investor Awareness Programs conducted by IPF during last few Years is as follows:

Financial Year No. of Investor Awareness Programs
2010-11 539
2011-12 1132
2012-13 1557
2013-14 2578
2014-15 2308
2015-16 2648
2016-17 4499
2017-18 4433
2018-19 4827

Details of upcoming Investor Awareness Programs by BSE IPF